Club 24 Dating Site Worldwide Party

NEW YORK (AP) 11/20/13 Club 24 is much more than just a Dating Site.

The Stigma of online dating is nearly dead, nowadays everyone is giving technology a chance! There are a ton of reasons why this is all good:  Opens doors to meeting new people/cultures/, Provides new vacation spots, Brings business up! Improves economy ,Helps people stay young and excited about life! ,Saves lives! When you feel connected, wanted, desired, your hormones explode with life! ,Helps children while giving virtual gifts- come on, help the children.

Members enjoy all the technological goodies so they can weed out anyone that is a creep. Ask him/her to video audio chat so you can SEE who you’re talking to!


More importantly give technology a chance to open a door to a new venture, if you don’t like it, simply close it from the safe comfort of your own home, office, car, space. It’s in your power to decide.

Join us today. Don’t wait. We want this party to be worldwide!

And just in case you don’t know- we’re on all social media: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Pinterest, WordPress, Blogger, Friendfiend, Squidoo, Google.  We want to reach all of you and welcome you because that’s how we roll.



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