Club 24 Dating Site Free 90 Days Singles

NEW YORK (AP)- 11/21/13  Club 24 WE are a New Dating Site that is actually FREE for 90 days for anyone that wants to join. No credit card is required, just create a profile and upload pictures.  UNLIKE the “big wigs” of the dating sites that “claim to be free” and they are not. It will take time for us to grow our little site, but we are getting bigger by the day and “nobody holds Johnny back or puts baby in the corner”.  Well, said Club 24 lol.

We INVITE all members to partake in our member parties on Wednesday so you Image

have an organized event to chat. WE provide all the goodies for free. Chat rooms, IM, online-offline features, block, favorites, VIDEO AUDIO CHAT.

The only thing we ask for you to pay for are the virtual gifts. Why? Because 50% of the income from the virtual gifts are set to be donated to charities related to children and we also ask the members to vote on which charity they want it to go to.

So you get to wow your potential mate with a $1.00 gift and $0.50 goes to a child that could use help eating, sleeping, learning, living. It’s a good thing all around.

JOIN us today- we are the little dating site that thinks big and we care about you and the rest of the world.

FREE sign up on The List for 90 days.

We’ve also identified that not everyone has the same financial status/desires/living conditions so we’ve made 3 lists so everyone can feel free to join.

The List- University students

The VIP List- The bosses of the world

The Elite List- The owners of the world

Which list do you belong to?


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