New Dating Site Club 24 VERSUS e-harmony- Comparison # 2

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Club 24

New Dating Site Club 24 VERSUS e-harmony- Comparison # 2

90 days free– communicate with all members of gender selected.

NO extra costs

No credit card required upon registration to the 90 day FREE trail period on The List.

Privacy- your best friend can’t see you on the site, but your “ex” will.

Levels of memberships according to social class: Students, Bosses, Moguls/Divas.

Which list do you belong to?     Each list has it’s advantages/power.

We have music, IM, chat, chatrooms, VIDEO AUDIO CHAT – the other dating sites do not have this feature, you can see who is online, virtual gifting. 

We give back- Charity programs set up to return 50% of “the love”  to children.


e harmony is very popular for heterosexuals.

e-harmony does all the matching for you.   You “allow” others that have never met you in person, never had a conversation with you, don’t even know the real color of your hair or how big your feet are, find the love of your life?  hmmm…….

One month membership fee $59.95

1 year membership package   $251.40

To be fair I haven’t found reviews on whether or not there is chat/online-offline/ features…. I’m assuming there isn’t since they “speak for you”.

Bottom line, Club 24 may be NEW, but it’s got all the goodies for you. FREE at no extra cost.

Unless you buy virtual gifts. There are only a few free ones, the others you pay for, but its for  a good cause. We have children charities set up to donate and they deserve half of what tickles your fancy in receiving/sending gifts.

Join Club 24 today. Free for 90 days. No credit card required upon sign up. Easy.

Join our member mixers on Wednesdays. Set up your camera on your computer and have a SKYPE conversation within Club 24- if you don’t like what you see or hear, you can block or favorite. The power is in your hands.

Are you on the list?



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