New Dating Site Club 24- Comparison #1 to Other Dating Sites

Club 24

90 days free– communicate with all members of gender selected.

NO extra costs

No credit card required upon registration to the 90 day FREE trail period on The List.

Privacy- your best friend can’t see you on the site, but your “ex” will.

Levels of memberships according to social class: Students, Bosses, Moguls/Divas.

Which list do you belong to?     Each list has it’s advantages/power.

We have music, IM, chat, chatrooms, VIDEO AUDIO CHAT – the other dating sites do not have this feature, you can see who is online, virtual gifting. 

We give back- Charity programs set up to return 50% of “the love”  to children.



Match       $30 per month with extra costs for everything.


You can peek, but NO chat or instant messaging features. 

Pay the subscription before you’re allowed to respond to an e-mail.


To match you with someone- you pay a higher premium.

Sounds like more money for everything.

Everyone can see you.

You can’t video audio chat.

No games to play with your new found friend.

Why do you sign up for an album of photographs?   When you can video audio chat and really see if there’s a match, a connection, a desire to take it to a “face to face” meeting.

Play a game of domino with your potential mate, see if he/she is a sore loser.


Register to Club 24. Club 24 is worldwide. Refer everyone to join so the party (since we are a club like atmosphere Dating Site) TAKES OFF!

WE also have organized online parties. No other site does that. 

You log in and get to interact with everyone through VIDEO CHAT. We ask all the members to do so during the same time. We know you work, study, etc. We want to help you find the one.


Are you on the list? Image


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