Club 24 and Plenty of Fish

Image* Even Batman agrees, Club 24 is for everyone*

When we talk about #datingonline, finding love on the net, connecting through chat, small talk, games, video audio chat etc,  we are really talking about finding the other you. We are not really “fish”.

There are plenty of dating sites out there, here are the reasons why you should join Club 24 today.

Club 24 has all the tools you need.

1- Club 24 is interactive.

2- Club 24 has  a club like atmosphere.

3- Club 24 has music to entertain.

4- Club 24 has virtual gifts.

5- Club 24 has winkles.

6- Club 24 has chat one on one.

7- Club 24 has chat rooms.

8- Club 24 has games.

9- Club 24 has two player games.

10- Club 24 has VIDEO AUDIO CHAT.

11- We don’t have automatically bill you again for another cycle if you sign up with a paid membership. If you want to join again that is YOUR decision.

12- We have online parties- organized events so EVERYONE can talk to each other online/ use the VIDEO AUDIO CHAT feature.

13- We have free gifts/winkles weekly.

14- We celebrate our members when they share the good news of finding love!  ** With no names!***

15- Privacy in the club is first. Women can only SEE men unless they choose to find a woman as their other half, and Men can only SEE women unless they choose men as their other half.

16- Club 24 has a totally FREE 90 day trial on The List.

17- We don’t ask you for a credit card to join the free trial. Nope. Free=Free.

18- We don’t have fake profiles like all the other dating sites! 

19- We want this party of love to be worldwide. So a billion of you are invited today to join free for 90 days. Go ahead, let’s get this party started. New vacations spots are waiting for you, New People hoping to connect, New is good. It’s exciting and so is this, Club 24.

20- We have The VIP List- “the bosses” join this list– they can see members on The List, but not viceversa.

21- We have The Elite List- “the owners of the world” join this list. They can see everyone, including the gender not selected upon registration. “with power comes great responsibility” and “access”.

Are you on the list?

What are you waiting for?   The entire world is invited to join. Love can be found anywhere at anytime as long as the internet is alive.

Do we have Al Gore to thank for this? lol



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