Press Release Club 24 New Features COMETCHAT

Press Release Club 24 New Features COMETCHAT

PRESS RELEASE: Club 24 new features.

Club 24 is unique. How you ask? It’s the only dating site that has additional features for members to enjoy that do not come with an additional cost. Most of the very famous dating websites don’t even provide the features Club 24 has free; plus our 90 day free trial is actually free. We want you to join and experience our site. We must also say that we do not have fake profiles to make our site filled with “fake people” like other sites. Most of the big ones do have this. We just launched two months ago and we know it will take time, but we are real. We want real people to join and chat, get to know each other. We don’t sell profiles, nor do we buy them. We want everyone to join so you can: Communicate, share, enjoy and play.
Our 90 day free trial is here:


“The best we can hope for is to be the platform that enables everyone to find the one…”

USA, EUROPE, AFRICA, ASIA- you are all invited. We are all about . Love comes in all colors, from all lands and in all languages. Which brings us to ANNOUNCE that our site can be translated into 53 languages.
We also want to ANNOUNCE that if you’re addicted to playing GAMES on the internet, we have GAMES. One player and TWO player games. You can play all you want with the one “you like” or “love” or “lust” or….you get it.
Did I just ANNOUNCE that we have CHATROOMS. You can create your own CHATROOM and invite other members. Or just CHAT one on one.
THE MOST IMPORTANT part of a site being INTERACTIVE is that is in face INTERACTIVE. HERE comes the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: YOU CAN VIDEO/AUDIO CHAT with any member FREE. We won’t charge you for this. Not now or ever. Why? Because that’s how Club 24 rolls. We are the little site that could and we are here to take over the net. Join today and feel the love 24 hours a day. Club 24 wants to help, assist, guide, join you in your search for a new love, lust or whatever you want to call it.

Life your life, today. Add a little spice in it while you’re at it.
Fascinate my world with your beauty, wisdom, joy and open hearts.


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