Club 24 Virtual Gifting Members rock!

Club 24   Virtual Gifting  Members rock!

Actions speak louder than words! That is the MUM! Besides being all “rico-suave” men have to show their girls they are SERIOUS! Diamonds are a girl’ best friend and even if it’s only a virtual gift, the fact that one member spent the $2.00 dollars to buy it shows that he is a serious dater. He is a serious “perfect guy”. Don’t you think? We think he rocks and whomever this beautiful piece is going to is going to melt! LITERALLY MELT when she receives it. Besides this helps our charity fund! Club 24 has a charity that half of all the funds obtained from gifting goes to a charity in the island voted by the members of Club 24. Why? Because the dominican children need all the help they can get. All the help. While our members enjoy love, we enjoy giving back and the members are a big part of that contribution. We thank you, our members, for being generous with everyone. WE ❤ You!
Club 24 where everyone rocks!


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