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If you don’t have one, it’s really easy to find one. A Dominican one I mean. You know why? Because Dominicans are open arms kind of people. If he/she doesn’t have much trust me you will be offered whatever he/she has out of kindness. Dominicans are happy, smiley, flirty kind of people. They can’t help themselves. It’s like we’re born with a little funny worm inside that tickles are insides and makes us giggle. It’s quite funny, at least for us it is. We look at people and find the beauty that lives in everyone. We are totally accommodating to a fault, we also know when we’re being played, but we  say a prayer for that person, give in and move on. The powers up above and karma takes care of them.

Dominicans love to eat, dance and laugh. Who doesn’t? We also love to love.

Dominican men love to love. Dominican women too. That love is international. Even if we only remain as friends, there is always love. Find yourself a Dominican friend today and ask them to share their Dominican love.

Club 24 wishes everyone a lovely Dominican day 🙂




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