Club 24 asks….. What are your last thoughts of the day….?

Before you lay your head to sleep, are there any thoughts that keep you “creeped”?

Your last thoughts control your sleep. Protect the one that sleeps by your side whether it’s a person or pet because “leg jerking”, “hand swatting” and “single screams” comes to mind if your mind creeps up on you at night.  (I know it’s not only ME).

Think of nothing other than what makes you SMILE BIG, be happy, feel safe, be at peace and what makes loving life real will turn your sleep in all that you want it to be: an 8 hour session (more or less)  of uninterrupted “i can’t remember what I dreamt, said or hit” kind of night. Plus  your loved one won’t think your TOTALLY crazy all the time.

Happy Friday to all!  Love, live, and laugh. Find all of this here in Club 24!

The party is going 24 hours a day across the globe in all languages and with all the colors of the rainbow.

free for 90 days. no credit card required to sign up. this is for YOU only because you’re worth it.


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