Club 24 Time flies, FLY WITH IT!

Literally…as the title says it and boy does it say it…”time flies”. Where does it go? I would say in a little box that gets tucked away in the high heavens. As we get older, tired, less pretty/handsome, we slow down….we begin to slouch in, over, down…and conform. We literally become boring human beings if we spend too much time alone. There is no reason to be alone. GOODNESS GRACIOUS GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!!! The INTERNET is our friend. Where is the excitement of having BUTTERFLIES IN YOUR STOMACH?!!??! I love that feeling…don’t you? I remember when I was younger searching for just that feeling… and then trying to catch it as if the butterflies were flying out of my belly. I’d flirt with anyone to receive a response and see if there was a connection. Oddly enough it didn’t happen with everyone which became a real challenge to find the one.
It was no longer about the looks, there was more, there is more. Can I laugh with this person? Can I stand listening to the ramble? Is there any smarts up there? Besides the “boobies” is there a package in the chest that will make my dinosaur butterflies FLY!!!!!!??????
I started dating online because I wasn’t feeling the butterflies….there was no time in the day to encounter anyone, as I get older I have less time. Time flies. Today is Friday, tomorrow BAM! it’s Friday. What happened in between? I can’t remember…and the worse part is that I felt no butterflies. So as I search for the butterflies I spend my time doing everything I normally do and go on line. easy. I chat, flirt, wink, virtual gift…..and I feel a little tickle in my belly again…I feel a big smile coming on….and perhaps something other happy parts too lol.
I never thought I’d end up looking for love over the internet, but time flies and I don’t have time. I don’t want my butterflies to die, it’s my do or live approach to life. I work too much, dedicate very little time to myself and I have nobody to share it with….so you wonder why the race, why the hard work….what’s the point? I truly believe that my “true one” is out there waiting for me and through my search I will find the love that I long for and live. Time flies and I want to fly with it. What about you?

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